livestock safety


Positive control around sheep - a livestock safety course with a difference.

Our objective is for you to be safe members of society, to be able to control your dog in the presence of sheep, for livestock's emotional and physical well-being to be protected.

Some of the things we will cover:

πŸ‘ Sheep and how they communicate - are they scared? Happy? Is your presence frightening them?

πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί Training management behaviors that promote responsible space sharing (sometimes we need to walk on a footpath past sheep, how can we best do this without scaring the sheep and without our dogs losing their minds...)

⚽ How to fulfill dogs drive for chasing in a safe way.

🐢 Important life skills such as recall, loose lead walking, self control etc etc

🌼 Working on relationship goals - how we can develop the best relationship with our dogs so they don't look too the environment for fun - but us.

😴 Learning that sheep are booooooring - Working with real life confident sheep in a safe way to promote the idea that sheep really aren't that interesting.

❌ We will be using positive reinforcement, management and relationship based training - absolutely no use aversives or punishment.

This will be a great opportunity for you to work closely with livestock in a safe way - safe for everyone involved.


A quote from a previous participant:

β€œWhen we are on walks now it feels like we are together. She regularly comes back to check-in with me

wagging her tail just to say β€˜Hi!’ before she trots off again…….I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!”

Gun Dog folk

(and any other sports where the dog needs to work around livestock safely)


From time to time we also run workshops specifically on this topic - working around the sheep as a distractionΒ 


Again these courses are run with safety as our priority and of course the welfare of all involved.


They are a superb opportunity to develop your dogs skills with confident and controlled sheep in a safe environment - email if you are interested

"I was very anxious about the workshops but in fact need not have been. You quickly read the needs of the dogs and humans and I found the preparation skills in the barn before sheep introduction were superb and helped me enormously to focus with my boy."