Training matters

Our training mostly focuses on competitive dog sports such as Dog Agility and Competitive Obedience, however relationship is absolutely central to everything. Most of our training is held at our dog training barn in Silverton, but we also run our Agility training at our outdoor sandschool in Ide, near Exeter. We offer classes tailored to different skill levels as well as private lessons. If you would like to find out about times and prices please contact us, so we can figure out which setup would be best for you and your canine friend. 

Positive Control around Sheep

Another branch of our training is offering dog owners the opportunity to train their dogs to be safer users of the countryside using positive reinforcement.


Positive control around sheep - a livestock safety course with a difference.

Our objective is for you to be safe members of society, to be able to control your dog in the presence of sheep, for livestock's emotional and physical well-being to be protected