Meet the team

At Dogs Matter we are passionate about supporting you to have positive and enjoyable relationships with your dogs. This involves both training dogs as well as educating their owners about responsible dog ownership. Our training is built on evidence-based techniques and our training approach will always be led by your and your dog's needs, and will always take your dog's emotional state into account.


Gwen Johnson

Gwen has been training dogs since the year 2000. Since then she has trained pet dogs as well as competing dogs in Dog Agility and Competitive Obedience. Her own dogs have taken her to such well known events as Crufts, Olympia and the World Agility Open. Gwen has vast experience training different breeds of dogs and has a talent in tailoring her training to suit the needs of her students – both canines and humans.


Gwen's incredible eye for detail and knowledge of how dogs learn make her one of the leading dog trainers in the South West. Gwen currently competes with her Border Collie Toast in Competitive Obedience and with her Kromfohrländer Kashoo in Agility. At Dogs Matter Gwen teaches Competitive Obedience, Agility and Life Skills both in groups and within private lessons and is responsible for further development of our training.

News at Dogs Matter HQ


Well we were lockdown cliches - no we didn't get a puppy - but we did have a child!


This means that Gwen's training time (and admin time) has been severely effected and so please do not expect a speedy reply to any messages nor a consistent service, at the moment life is very hectic with a very mobile toddler, three dogs a business and a house to run. 


The quality of lessons hasn't gone down though - in fact the whole experience has added to our understanding and learning.