Who we are

Dogs Matter is an Exeter based dog training business that aims to help dogs and their owners to form and maintain a cooperative and enjoyable relationship. This involves training canines as well as educating owners about responsible dog ownership. All training is based solely on scientifically evidenced positive methods.

Co-operative training for you and your dog!

Gwen Johnson

Gwen has been training dogs since the year 2000. Since then she has trained pet dogs as well as competing dogs in Dog Agility and Competitive Obedience. Her own dogs have taken her to such well known events as Crufts, Olympia and the World Agility Open. Gwen has vast experience training different breeds of dogs and has a talent in tailoring her training to suit the needs of her students – both canines and humans. Her incredible eye for detail and knowledge of how dogs learn make her one of the leading dog trainers in the South West. Gwen currently competes with her Border Collie Toast and Patterdale Terrier Mud in Competitive Obedience and is looking forward to start competing with her Kromfohrlander puppy Cashew in 2017. At Dogs Matter Gwen teaches Competitive Obedience, Agility and Life Skills both in groups and within private lessons and is responsible for further development of our training.


Robin Gretenkort, MEd

Robin first got into dog training in 2011. With a background in Education, dog training provided him with an amazing opportunity to deepen his understanding of learning processes and especially cooperative learning processes that take place between dog and handler. Robin is very much looking forward to start competing with his Kromfohrlander bitch Pretzel in Agility and Competitive Obedience. At Dogs Matter Robin teaches Life Skills and Agility at Beginner level – both groups and private lessons – and also assists in the development of new training approaches.