Competitive Obedience

In Competitive Obedience, dog and handler perform a variety of formalised exercises, including heelwork, recall, retrieve and others. It's all about completing these exercises to the most accurate standard as possible, making this sport especially challenging and enjoyable. Whilst Obedience might seem less exciting than more active sports such as Agility, the main appeal for the sport lies in the relationship between dog and handler. This sport is all about the relationship, the connection, the engagement, and will test your dog training skill like no other sport. Working a round of heelwork with a perfect connection between yourself and your dog is nothing short of magical.


Although traditionally it is mostly large breeds that compete in Competitive Obedience Gwen specialises in training and working small dogs. At Dogs Matter we believe that every type of dog is able to perform these exercises to highest standard and should be given a chance to prove this. Our students compete successfully throughout all levels with a big variety of breeds.